Where are the referees?

From death to promotion: Why fans see the same faces on the court this NBA season Those who follow basketball closely often recognize people behind the whistle and the gray shirt. Names such as Scott Foster and Tony Brothers live in the fan’s imagination, memes, jokes, and criticism.  However, fans have been complaining about theContinuar lendo “Where are the referees?”

Cadê os árbitros?

De morte à promoção: conheça os motivos dos torcedores verem os mesmos rostos em quadra nesta temporada da NBA Quem acompanha de perto o basquete acostumou-se com as pessoas por trás do apito e da camisa cinza. Podemos arriscar dizer que a liga tem os oficiais mais conhecidos do grande público. Nomes como Scott FosterContinuar lendo “Cadê os árbitros?”

Summer League: Learn more about the tee in support of referee Tony Brown

By Alice Barbosa, sports writer and Árbitros NBA CEO In this year’s NBA Summer League, NBA referees scheduled for the event show their support for seasoned teammate Tony Brown, diagnosed this year with pancreatic cancer. Before matches, officials enter the court wearing a purple T-shirt, with one arm in a strong position, with the initialsContinuar lendo “Summer League: Learn more about the tee in support of referee Tony Brown”