2023 NBA Finals: 12 referees and no Eric Lewis

TODAY (June 1st) – The NBA has released a list of 12 referees for the 2023 Finals games. The series between Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat kicks off on June 1, and these are the officials who will be on the court and taking turns at the Replay Center, the play review center located in Secaucus, New Jersey:

Zach Zarba.

Tony Brothers, Marc Davis, Scott Foster, John Goble, David Guthrie, Bill Kennedy, Courtney Kirkland, Ed Malloy, Kevin Scott, Josh Tiven, James Williams, and Zach Zarba.

Eric Lewis, allegedly involved with tweets from a burned account with opinions about his performance and teams, is a no-show in the 2023 Finals. However, since 2019 Lewis has appeared on the court during the Finals games.

As eventual substitutes, the league chose Ben Taylor and Tyler Ford.

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Some numbers

Many of the referees selected for this year’s finals have a massive turnout during the regular season, working on more than 1,000 games in some cases. 

See below which are the referees who most participated in games in the final phase of the championship:

Scott Foster – 23 games;

Marc Davis – 18;

Tony Brothers – 15;

James Capers – 14; 

Zach Zarba – 11;

Ed Malloy – 10;

David Guthrie – 8;

John Goble – 7;

Eric Lewis – 6;

Bill Kennedy – 5;

Josh Tiven – 5.

As for years of service in the league, these are the veterans: 

Tom Washington – 31 years;

Michael Smith – 29;

Tony Brothers – 28; 

Scott Foster – 28; 

Bennie Adams – 27; 

James Capers – 27; 

Sean Corbin – 27; 

Scott Wall – 27; 

Leroy Richardson – 26; 

Leon Wood – 26; 

Derek Richardson – 25.

In the regular season, get to know the professionals who were most active in the games and the number of games in which they worked:

Tom Washington – 1,761 games;

Michael Smith – 1.656;

Tony Brothers – 1.626;

Scott Foster – 1.617;

James Capers – 1.512;

Sean Corbin – 1.460; 

Leon Wood – 1.459;

Leroy Richardson – 1.453;

Marc Davis – 1.442;

Scott Wall – 1.401;

Rodney Mott – 1,392.

Photo and image credit: NBA.

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