Meet RefMasters, a platform created by NBA referees

What’s between a community’s technology and the end user? What about a referee on the court and his life beyond the arena? These two gaps converged on RefMasters, which, as its Koji profile reports, is a “premium platform where referees go to connect, learn, and elevate their game.” 

Image: RefMasters

And the game, my friends, seems like one of a Finals – the venture has two influential officials as creators: Kane Fitzgerald, the NBA’s VP Head of Replay (read more about his promotion to the Replay Center here) and a former ref (13 seasons), and James Williams, also 13. Both lend their tremendous experience to whistle professionals of all sports, whether amateurs or in leagues, young people, or those with years of performance on courts, ice, and fields.

The internet provides information for referees who split their professional life in seconds; being on an education and socialization platform that can be accessed 24 hours a day, in the airport lobby or a hotel room, is a big deal. 

On its social networks, RefMasters presents some projects: offering highly accessible training, expert coaching, professional certifications, and a marketplace for referees. 

Image: RefMasters. Photo: Nick Onken (IG @photographedbyonken)

The community’s brand is also reflected in the platform’s accounts – modern aesthetics and a well-defined brand identity. After all, success also has to be visual. And more products could emerge from this initiative. In a Zoom live stream available on RefMasters’ Koji, James Williams said that the platform could also offer a podcast in the future. 

Referees giving back to the community knowledge and expertise is what we expect from a good game – on and off the court. 

Image: RefMasters. Photo: Nick Onken (IG @photographedbyonken)

Have you ever thought about bringing learning to your colleagues? Tell us!

RefMasters is available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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