NBA Finals: take a look at the referees

Alice Barbosa, sports journalist and creator of Árbitros NBA

This Wednesday, the NBA has released the list of referees chosen to work in the Finals games between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics. The first one takes place in San Francisco, on Thursday.

The list, this year, doesn’t has surprises – it is a funnel of 12 professionals who worked in the Conference Finals, has names such as veterans Scott Foster and Tony Brothers, each one with 27 years of services provided in the NBA.

See the list of referees who will be on the court in the NBA Finals:

Tony Brothers, James Capers, Marc Davis, Kane Fitzgerald, Scott Foster, John Goble, David Guthrie, Courtney Kirkland, Eric Lewis, Josh Tiven, James Williams and Zach Zarba.

Unlike the regular season, when there is no fourth referee available, the NBA Playoffs and Finals rely on this professional being on standby if any of the three on the court can’t referee anymore due to some illness during the game. Their names are also disclosed along with the daily assignment, about 10 hours before the game.

As eventual alternates of the Finals, Curtis Blair, Tyler Ford, Mark Lindsay, Ed Malloy, Ben Taylor and Sean Wright – these professionals remain on duty and go to the arenas if one of the chosen refs has an injury or other health problem that prevents them from refereeing hours before the game.

If the NBA maintains the standard of other years, the crew chief and the referee are the same and act on a rotation system – the group that works in game 1, for example, goes back to 5.

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Feature photo: The Commercial Appeal.

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