NBA remodels courts in Mexico

Three “canchas” will have a vibrant color

By Alice Barbosa, sportswriter, and Árbitros NBA CEO

Commemorating its 75th anniversary, the NBA launched a court reform project in Mexico. The sports areas will receive a unique painting with the vibrant colors that characterize the country. Last Sunday, the Torreón space was inaugurated, in the state of Coahuila, in the north of the republic. The former league player, center Horacio Llamas, who played for two years at Phoenix Suns, was present and was honored in the painting of a mural.

Brazil, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic will also have similar initiatives driven by the league. On the day of the opening event of the court in Torreón, a clinic was held with female athletes who were able to open the place, receiving guidance and professional tips on basketball.

Photo credit: NBA Mexico

The new court will also serve as a cultural reference, in addition to the sports one, in the region of Ejido la Paz. This action is an offshoot of the work of the NBA Cares, the league’s philanthropic division, in Latin America.

Check out some photos of the court of Torreón:

Photo credit: NBA Mexico

The last photograph was designed to be used vertically as wallpaper for mobile devices. So, save the image below and install it on your mobile phone:

Photo credit: NBA Mexico

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