Lobos 1707: tequila with style

By Alice Barbosa, sportswriter, and Árbitros NBA CEO

Drink some tequila with style – that is the proposal of the bottle holder of Lobos 1707, LeBron James‘ tequila brand. It’s the first product of the Legacy collection, launched this year. With space for a bottle, the holder is produced in Italian leather, customized and handmade by Sheron Barber, a fashion designer known for his work with this fabric.

Lobos 1707
LeBron James chega ao All-Star Game de 2022 usando o case da sua marca de tequila, a Lobos 1707. Foto: divulgação/IG Lobos 1707.

Barber develops exclusive products in leather for many sports, such as motorcycling. Recently, he created 100 balls with Louis Vuitton pattern and logos from Super Bowl LVI teams – Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals. The winner, Rams, was later honored with an exclusive ball, also made by Barber.

He showed us how he had sewed the ball in one of his Reels for Instagram – made from an NFL official one. Then, the designer shows to his audience, quickly, all the sewing details.

Details are the differential of Barber’s work, whose studio was named after him. This tequila bottle holder, for example, shows the wolf symbol of LeBron James’ company printed in the leather. The consumer who purchase this exclusive gift also will take home a keychain from James enterprise.

The aesthetic relates to the aged drink; therefore, the chosen leather tone was bronze, as the buckles of the handle are all in gold.

Featured photos: IGs LeBron James, Sheron Barber and Lobos 1707.

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