🇺🇸Was it a foul? NBA referees explain rules on social media

NBA rules and fouls. Credit: Bleacher Report
By Alice Barbosa, sports writer and Árbitros NBA CEO

Basketball rules can sometimes not be 100% known by fans. Many lovers of them question, during a game, whether a certain move was a foul or not.

Rules from NBA
Photo: NYT.

To alleviate these doubts and bring refs closer to spectators, the National Basketball Referees Association (NBRA), last week, posted explanations about some fouls. Many of them were requested by fans, through this organization’s request:

The tweet, published on August 12, had 144 likes and 122 responses at the end of this article.


The first question posted was about a play in the match between Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors, on May 19, during the play-in tournament. The game had the victory of the L.A. franchise by 103 to 100. The question raised was about not calling a foul to the Lakers bench, 37 seconds into the game.

The referees association’s explanation followed.

In addition to NBRA’s Twitter, explanatory videos can be found on the NBA’s website dedicated to refereeing. On the Points of Education page, anyone who follows basketball will find several videos with analysis and answers about foul calls.

Cover photo: Bleacher Report.

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