Proper food for a referee

By Alice Barbosa, journalist and Árbitros NBA CEO

Food is a decisive factor in a referee’s performance. An NBA pro travels about 4 miles per game, and this distance is similar in Brazil and Latin America. How to make this food replacement to maintain good performance for the games?

Phenizee Ransom, 47, has worked in the NBA for three seasons. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, his favorite dish is shrimp and chicken hibachi – a dish made with vegetables and mushrooms. However, in his routine as a league referee, he chooses health first, and he carefully chooses his food with nutritional functionality in mind.

On a game day, he confesses to having a heavy breakfast. After the 11 am meeting, which is one of the usual procedures for referees scheduled for the game, the team usually has lunch together. Phenizee reports that this meal is lighter and, in this case, he opts for salads – the traditional Caesar is his favorite – it has lettuce, chicken strips, parmesan cheese, and croutons.

Caesar salad. Credits: Recipe Tin Eats

During the 48-minute match, hydration is done with planning. Phenizee drinks a bottle of water at the 15-minute break during the middle of the game, and also in the first and third quarters. In the second and fourth, he opts for water and Gatorade.

After the clash between the two teams, the referees spend nearly an hour in the locker room, filling out reports and reviewing the game’s highlights, with the assistance of the Replay Center. In general, the three referees leave the stadium together and have dinner. The menu for this post-game meal, according to Phenizee, is for replacing the energy spent on court.

Its procedure is similar to that recommended by Brazilian professionals. Patrícia Severo holds a master’s degree in nutrition from UFRJ and is a specialist in sports supplementation and clinical phytotherapy. She emphasizes the importance of eating after the game. If necessary, people can consume* a food supplement.

And during the break of the game, Patricia advises the consumption of carbohydrates. And, during the day to day, she mentions that a balanced diet is a key to support the hard work routine of referees.

*Always consult a specialized professional before making any changes to your eating routine.

Feature photo: GQ and Recipe Tin Eats.

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