NBA Finals – 14 referees chosen

Alice Barbosa, journalist, sports writer and Árbitros NBA creator.

The NBA released Monday the list with the names of the 14 referees chosen to work in this year’s finals between Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns. Each of them will receive the coveted white jacket, considered the referees’ MVP.

A vacancy was open in this year’s list prediction. Tony Brown, a 19 years referee, who has worked in the finals since last season, is being treated for pancreatic cancer and won’t be working in this season’s finale.

Of the 36 professionals selected for the playoffs, only 14 will have the chance to work in the NBA Finals.

These are the professionals who will work in the 2020/21 finals:

Credits: NBA

The replacements will be Curtis Blair and Tom Washington. We have in the list three first-time referees: Courtney Kirkland, James Williams, and Sean Wright will be in the NBA Finals for the first time.

Cover photo: The Undefeated.

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