White jackets: the referees’ MVP

Story by Alice Barbosa, journalist and Árbitros NBa founder.

With the NBA Finals approaching, the league will soon release the names of 12 referees chosen to play in these decisive matches. Each of them will receive in their homes the white jacket, which represents the success that an NBA professional can achieve.

The replacement of the everyday piece for the white coat reflects the league’s concern to emphasize the importance and responsibility of being in a final.

Currently, the referees with most white jackets hanging in their lockers are Scott Foster (20 finals), Ken Mauer (19), Marc Davis (14), James Capers (12), Tony Brothers (11), and Ed Malloy (10). Some of them starred in the video below, recounting in two minutes the thrill of being at home and receiving the white jacket through a package delivery service.

Josh Tiven, an NBA referee for 11 seasons, earned his first recognition by being cast in the Orlando Bubble Finals in the series between the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat in 2020. In the Instagram Stories below, he shows the jacket, given after the traditional ceremony organized by the league, with dinner and a video that shows the 12 chosen referees.

Credit: IAABO

The collection of some of them could increase in a few days, with the announcement of the referees who will referee the finals between Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks or Atlanta Hawks.

Cover photo: SGIII Daily News

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