NBA Mother’s Day – Lauren Holtkamp

Mother’s Day, celebrated in Brazil and the United States on the second Sunday of May, also reaches the NBA. However, there’s a mother who may be far from her baby on this date. Lauren Holtkamp, a league’s referee for seven years, is one of them. At first glance her work seems to make it impossible to create a child, but she acted with the league and the association of referees, making this mission a little easier.

Lauren is married to NBA referee Jonathan Sterling, and in 2019 the couple had their daughter, Stoan. Since then, the two have established some logistics for the care of the child. Regarding breastfeeding, Lauren researched, during pregnancy, how the U.S. Armed Forces did with the officers of their staff, and, along with NBA Referees Association, managed to get her milk transported to her home in Atlanta on the days she was traveling.

Lauren, Jonathan and their baby, Stoan. Photo:

Previously, sports leagues such as the PGA Tour also used the resource of sending breast milk through carriers operating by air and land in the country. When Lauren and Jonathan are traveling, they have some help from their family and a nanny. “We received incredible support from our family, and we have a spectacular nanny. I’m sure we’ll both be flexible with anything that happens, and that we’ll always be understanding of each other,” Lauren says.

In order for referees to schedule their routines, since they spend about 25 days a month on the road, they receive the roster for the games a month in advance. However, this data is public less than 12 hours before the games. With this, the couple manages to make another lineup: that of those who will take care of little Stoan while his parents tour the U.S. refereeing the most competitive basketball league in the world.

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